Why Do Small Aussie Dogs Female Or Male Scoot On Their Seats?

by Lois

My female Miniature Toy Aussie now and then scoots on her seat, does anyone know why?

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Scoot on Seat
by: Tom

May have a itch or is using the floor as toilet paper.

by: jcrply

If you do an internet search, you can find lots of info about "scooting" dogs. The most likely cause is impacted anal glands. These are supposed to empty naturally, but on some types of food or in some particular dogs, the glands don't always empty and have to be expressed manually. Dogs on a grain-free raw diet (or even on a good grain-free dry/canned diet) tend to have small hard poop that does a really good job of keeping the anal glands emptied. Another possibility is internal parasites (worms). Rarer causes would be a tumor, inflammation, etc... Since your dog is doing this a lot, a trip to the vet might determine the cause.

by: Kathy

I would suggest getting your dog's anal glands checked by your veterinarian. If a dog scoots it's often a sign of full/plugged anal glands. The vet can empty the glands in a simple procedure at the office.

Good luck.


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