Why Does My Aussie Look The Way It Does?

by Danny Scott
(Alexander, AR)

I have a female Aussie, 11 month with papers. My concern is she does not look quite like a typical Aussie, she is a black tri, her ears are straight up, pointed, my main concern is her coat is not thick, kind of short, as a puppy I kept her in the house at night and runs during the day she is always shedding. In every aspects she looks like Aussie. Is this normal. She is very healthy, and gets a lot of running. If you could help me or direct me to someone who could it would be very needed.

Also my other red merle male can be registered AKC and USASC what would would be the the advantages to this title. If you have any helpful tips that I need to do that would be very nice. I am very interested in this breed and have time and room to work the active dogs. I will subscribe to your newsletter as I am sure it will help further my information on Aussies.

I love my dogs and would do anything for them. They are part of the family and that will always be the case, they're so smart it is great. Thank you for all your help and expect to hear back from a soon as possible. I will use your site in the future and recommend it to other who wish to learn about Aussies for their education.

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your aussie looking like an aussie
by: Anne Calmes

What is USASC registry? I breed show
and trial my aussies. The prick ears are a disqualification to show in AKC. AKC and ASCA(Australian Shepherd Club of America) breed standards are what we go by for breeding and showing. You can find it here;

I hope this helps.

The registries mean something if you plan on trialing your dog in herding events, agility events or obedience events, or even plan on breeding.
Send me a picture if you can.
I hope this helps...if you need more information or have any other questions..please ask.
~Anne Calmes

Australian cattle dog
by: Anonymous

theese are all characteristics of an australian cattle dog. Pet shop got confused???

Australian Kelpie?
by: Anonymous

Could be an Australian Kelpie. Look them up.

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