Why Does My Aussie Seem So Scared Of Me?

by Ken
(Iowa City, Iowa)

Boji and his favorite toy!

Boji and his favorite toy!

Why does my Aussie seem so scared of me and doesn't like me? I didn't over punish him during training months.

I walk him everyday, play with him, give him plenty of love and affection but he seems to despise me and not understand I'm his "master." Some days it makes cry honestly because he doesn't enjoy being around me and it's not fair to him if all he does is hide from me and run away from me when I get home.

I almost don't look forward to coming home anymore because he doesn't run up to the door all excited like he does for everyone else, once he sees it's me he runs away and hides in his kennel, or if I walk in the room he will run under the table and/or pee on the floor.

I am always using a "puppy or baby" voice all happy and cheery but I have also changed my tone of voice to see if maybe that was scaring him.

Please help me figure out how to change this behavior and what I can do to make him appreciate me and love his owner the way I love him.

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Just be laid back
by: Linda

If it were me, I'd come in, not say anything, just go about my business, get some really tasty treats, sit on the floor with them in hand and let him come to me. When he starts sniffing around, and he'll find them in your hand, give him one and lots of pats and koodoos... I used to make meatballs with garlic powder, just tiny balls, simmered in beef broth and freeze them for my girl when we were training and she loved them, you could try liver treats. Dogs will usually do anything for high end treats!

Sensitive Aussies
by: Anonymous

Aussies are a very alert, intuitive breed, and can be very sensitive to people's moods and actions. They do NOT react well to punishment. Even a loud tone of voice can be scary to a sensitive or nervous dog. Your dog obviously associates you with something that has scared him. It could be anything from you just being big and male, to being harsh with him.
It might be worth it to just ignore him for a week or so, use a normal quiet voice around him, and not react at first if he does approach you on his own. Let other family members do the training for now. Then, you can begin by tossing a treat at him occasionally, not even trying to get him close at first, and slowly win his trust. It will take a lot of patience on your part, but he needs to learn on his own that you are not a threat to him. It will be worth it!

Scared aussies
by: Anonymous

I adopted a rescued Aussie named Lily who had been abused and was terrified of everyone including me. She would even go as far as to grow or hide under furniture. We had Poodles that we very sweet that helped show her we weren't so bad. Also everyday I take Lily on walks and give Lily treats and would spend time with treats on the floor giving her distance to get closer. We soon grew so close she was under my feet at all times and was the best friend I ever had and haven't had a dog love me more.

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