Why Doesn't My Aussie Just Jump Into The Back Of My Jeep?

Why doesn't my Aussie just jump into the back of my Jeep? I take him with me to the dog park, when I want to have him jump into the jeep he wants me to pick him up almost all the time.

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More Details
by: Mike

Tell us about the dog...age, weight, and other factors to help us....

Some dogs find vehicles hard to climb or jump in to because they do not see a clear landing areas or foot (paw) hold for them.

I have a large truck and I always lifted mine in and out.

He needs more incentive
by: Anonymous

Try placing his food bowl in the jeep during feeding times. Also consider his age and ability and height of the jump. Teach him the "jump" command onto lower areas first or let him access from a side doe to the vehicle where it is lower. If you have other dogs or a friend's dog to help teach him the "load-up" game, then do so by opening all access to the vehicle and have them do the exercise repeatedly as a game like fetch. Try tossing a favorite toy or treat into the vehicle for him to fetch.

Make it fun.

Tammy Campos

Health Reasons
by: Valeda

I have an 18 month old mini aussie. She, too, wouldn't jump into the car or even jump onto furniture (a good thing). At about six months, we learned she has a unilateral medial patellar luxation (knee cap slips out of place) in her left hind leg. We think that is the reason she is not a jumper, because, otherwise, she is very active (with time limitations). We are going to have her x-rayed when she is spayed to make sure she doesn't have a hip problem as well. I have read there are other joint problems to watch for, too. Her veterinarian wants to keep her at a slim weight to help her knee, but I think she knows she shouldn't be jumping.

by: Jacqueline

My dog will wait and act like she can't jump into the van, but when I ignore her she jumps in the car. She likes the extra attention from being lifted into the car.

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