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Why Has My Australian Shepherd Suddenly Become Destructive?

Hello! I need some help/advice from some other Aussie owners. My Australian Shepherd has suddenly become a very destructive and needy dog and I'm not sure what to do!

A quick backstory... We love our one-year-old puppy, Remi, and she has been an amazing dog! Super easy to train, very obedient and friendly to other people, and very few accidents.

The issue began when my wife and I went on vacation. It was the first time we had been gone that long and we left her with a house-sitter who took really good care of her and kept her on her regular routine.

When we came back home, our house-sitter showed us all the things that Remi had destroyed while she was asleep (shoes, bag, etc.) and we were mindblown! Remi had never as much as sniffed a shoe, let alone chewed it to shreds. We paid her for the destroyed stuff, apologized and didn't think much of it.

But ever since then, any opportunity Remi gets to destroy something, she does. She's now torn through the dust cover on the underside of our bed, tore our carpet apart, ate a hole in the wall and chewed up a few smaller items – all while we are asleep! She also wakes us up at 2-3am and doesn't need to go to the bathroom (because I tried that), she just wants us awake and playing. Again, never did that before.

Does anyone have any advice to help?

Before you say "she needs more exercise," please know that we regularly take her on a one hour walk every morning and do tricks with her throughout the day. She won't go for runs, bike rides and quits after about five minutes of frisbee.

We keep her kenneled during the day while we're at work and she's very used to this. We don't keep her in her kennel at night so she has room to move and sleep where she wants (been this way for about six months or so with no accidents until now).

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Ooof! This is a tough one.
by: Anonymous

Ok, so going off what you posted, and knowing Aussies, I'd say that you broke some trust contract that your Aussie knew about but you didn't. Your dog is pissed off!😬 No worries!
Unfortunately with Aussies keeping the routine is not always enough.
You are the shepherds and you should all be sleeping together in the meadow tending the sheep is how they're feeling.
Someone else simply will not do!
My advice, for what it's worth, is to do some activities that rebuild trust, and show your Aussie that you are now aware of the "contract" and you're sorry for making such a silly mistake😉and...
next time you go on vacation, take them along, they can deal with a disruption in routine as long as you're together.

Kenneling pluses
by: Anonymous

I would not trust a one year old puppy loose in the house unless you are there to supervise. My breeder recommended crating until age three. You need to break that destructive habit, and the pup should be contained at night. Even an x-pen would do. I know the guilt of keeping it crated all day, you want to give it some freedom, but that freedom has to be earned. You could have someone come in during the day to let it out for a pee (sorry, forgot if it is m or f) and give it a break that way. But don’t accept that destructive behaviour.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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