Why Is My Four-Month-Old Australian Shepherd Puppy Not Sleeping Through the Night?

by Karlee

When I first got my Australian Shepherd puppy she slept through the night great. Now after moving to a larger kennel she is not sleeping through the night and throwing a fit.

I usually take her on a good 30-minute walk either in the afternoon or evening. She plays with my roommate's dog all afternoon/evening as well. At bedtime she whines a bit then quiets down. A couple of hours later she is up.

I take her out to potty and then she has a fit in her kennel. I would let her cry it out, however, I live in an apartment and I don't want to wake the neighbors. She then wants to be out and play ending up chewing on things she knows she's not supposed to.

Any help is welcomed!

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Sleeping Puppy
by: Natalie

Hi there, she may just want to be right next you. Do you have the kennel next to your bed? If you do and she is still crying, I would try and lay next to her while she is in her kennel. We had to do that for a little bit with our little guy Ollie (he is 7 months old now), and I would lay next to his kennel with my hand in there, as much as it would go.
Also, I don’t know if you have done this with her or not, but we tried to kennel train her and give her treats every time she went into the kennel and gave her a lot of praise by using the same word every time. For example, if she went in we would say "good boy", and then give him a treat. It helped a lot to connect the kennel with a positive.
These are just ideas to try out! Goodluck and hang in there. :)

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