Why Is My Mini Aussie Biting?

by Jessica
(Shakopee, MN, United States)

Millie and I

Millie and I

I just moved and lately, my dog Millie, has been nipping at people's faces she doesn't know very well. She is only a year old and when we moved, all these kids started to put their hands in her face and try to to hug her, and I'm sure it made her uncomfortable. Then she nipped at a little girl in her face. I firmly told her NO and put her in the kennel for the remainder of the night. She also proceeded to nip another little girl in the face a few days later. I really don't know why she is doing this, she never has before, I just know it needs to stop. All advice will help. I need all I can get! Thanks.

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by: Anonymous

Do you suppose she nips because she is excited? We have two Aussies and when they get excited when we come home they nip. Not hard but enough to know they are nipping. We call them love bites. You could get a spray bottle and fill it with water and when she does this, spray her. This warrants off unacceptable behavior for our two Aussies.

Nipping and Biting!
by: Anonymous

I believe the reason she is doing that is because you moved. Aussie's are so sensitive to change and they become insecure and fearful. The more you can stay in a routine the better. Instead of crating the dog you might want to muzzle her when around kids. Nipping is a dominance or insecurity issue and taking away the nipping by the muzzle will force her to be more submissive.
I know with mine, she had a nipping problem, not as bad as what you are describing and I was told too by a trainer that when company came to the home to put my dog on a leash and keep her near me until the dog and I were relaxed enough. If you crate or put them in a room they will feel punished and resentful. I hope this helps. Good luck hon! : )

Aussie owner
by: Shirley

First off: a child should be told to "never ever" put their face in a dogs face...any dog. Some children come on a little strong in approaching a dog....try to get a child to hold a treat and speak softly to the dog. Also moving can be very stressful...to the dog as she is quite young. She looks like a beautiful dog...give her a chance.

Good Luck

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