Why Won't My Aussie Bring The Toy All The Way Back To Me?

by Lori
(Algonac, Michigan)

'Penelope' after her first

'Penelope' after her first

Anyone know why my otherwise VERY smart 5 year old Australian Shepherd WILL NOT bring a ball or Frisbee (or whatever you are throwing) all the way back to me? She insists on dropping it, like 20 feet away and it has been IMPOSSIBLE to get her to bring it to us???

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Did you read my current article on frisbee training? It might help if you have a toy or treat of more value than the toy he is retrieving and then you can trade for the other toy. I have been using clicker training for the retrieve, too. Same principle -- dog gets a treat when he brings the toy back. Some of our Aussies are just not natural retrievers. You can also stop the game if he is not playing with your rules. Maybe he is trying to get you to retrieve. Being an Aussie with a sense of humor, he probably gets a chuckle every time you run after the toy.

toy back to you
by: Anonymous

To train your pup to do this is very simple. Have some food with you when you go to play. Every time he brings the toy near you give him a small treat. It doesn?t matter if he doesn?t bring it all the way at the beginning. When he catches up that when he brings the toy he will get a treat, start to make it harder to him. Don?t give him a treat unless he brings it a little closer, and then, a little more closer until he gives it to you in your hand or drops it where ever you want it. This will become a game to him. No dogs (except some retriever ones) born knowing this thing, so they have to learn them. Believe me; he will love it in no time. There are just two rules to this. Never, ever leave him these toys if you are not playing with him and always end the game before he gets to tired or bored so you will leave him wanting more.
Good luck!!!

by: Anonymous

I don't know. My aussie fetches and brings it back. If she drops it a few feet away from me I tell her to "go get it and bring it to me". When she does I say "thank you, good girl" and give her a pet or a treat. She loves to please.

Aussies play differently
by: Anonymous

Our aussie is the same way. We have been very frustrated with her, since she loves to run and chase the ball, but then won't bring it back. We have tried treats, praise, etc but none have worked. I have come to the realization that she has a different game in mind. She wants to play "Keep Away." If I go toward the ball, she happily grabs it and runs a little distance off, then puts her butt up and wags, and lets the ball roll out of her mouth. This game is much more fun and takes advantage of her supreme maneuverability and quickness. So that's what we play now. Eventually she lets me have the ball and I throw it again. Retriever, she is not.

smart aussies
by: lolablue

my aussie wouldnt bring her toy or frisbee all the back either, she'd kind of toss it towards me & then bark as if to say hey its right there come pick it up and throw it again, I started telling her to come when she was making her way back to me, each time she got a little closer until she either puts it in my lap or drops it at my feet now. if she doesnt I WILL NOT go get it and throw it til she goes and gets it & brings it to where i want it. she loves to play that much i guess, that shes willing to play by my rules, she was smart enough to figure it out, so they are EXTREMELY intelligent, just dont let them out smart you.

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