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Why Won't She Pody Train

We have a 14 week Mini Australian Shepherd who decides when she wants to be pody trained and when she doesn't. She had two weeks where she didn't use the house at all. Now some days she decides that it's ok to use the kitchen, then the next day she'll go outside every time and within the last few days she's decided its ok to go on the carpet again too. Mostly she pees when she goes inside but once in a while she'll poop too. We've tried to Kennel Train her and we reward her every time she does outside and spank her, rub her nose in it and put her outside every time she does inside. We've even limited her water take it. Nothing is working with her. We'll be playing with her not 2 feet away from her and she'll just stop and pee right there in front of us. HELP US!

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House training
by: Anonymous

This is a management problem!
Do not spank her, rub her nose in it or any such thing as she will quickly learn that you are unhappy and start hiding the accidents!
Every time immediately after she had woken, been fed etc take her outside (if necessary on a lead) and wait until she does something. Say 'wee time' or whatever phrase you want to use, and reward her. She will quickly learn what you want. If you like you can encourage her to go in one particular area outside by only rewarding her in that area.
Clean the areas in the house where she has already had an accident using a brand name pet odour remover - do not use an ammonia based household cleaner as this will only remind her of previous wees.

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House Training
by: Nonnie

I agree with the comments above. This is a training / management area. Make it a positive instead of a negative. Your puppy will blossom with encouragement. She wants to please you. Sometimes it takes longer. I have one puppy who just turned one year old. She is slower to finish her house training because she is so busy, active, and interested in other things. She forgets why she is outside as there are so many things to see and smell. My other puppy who will be one in two weeks has been almost completely house trained since she was five months. She isn't as excitable.

Good luck with your puppy.

potty training
by: Anonymous

When we first got our aussies, everytime we went to take her outside we would say hurry up and then once she went she would get a treat now she knows once shes hears hurry up, shes outside to do her business !

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