Wiggle Butt

by Jess

We just got a 8 week old Aussie puppy and we noticed when we got her home she doesn't have a tail! It's not docked, it's not there! We called the breeder and she was actually born without a high tail so they docked it all the way off. My question is will she still have a wiggle butt?!!

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wiggle butt
by: Linda

Once your baby gets older and she can bend her body you will notice that she shakes her whole rear end because she has no tail,Mine even greets me sideways he wiggles so hard, cute little wiggle butts :) Enjoy your new baby

Wiggle Butt
by: Anne

yes, she will still have a wiggle butt.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Wiggle Butt
by: Anonymous

The lack of tail and the wiggle butt do not go hand in hand. If your dog had a tail she would still have a wiggle butt. I like the tails on aussies, mine had hers cut off by the breeder. Ouch!

wiggle butts
by: Kym

LOL! Yes, the wiggle butt will still exist without a tail! I call my youngest aussie my 'vibrating taco'! She will literally fold in half while her whole body is wiggling with happiness! Enjoy!

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