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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


by Jackie
(Clovis, California)

You can't just have one Aussie! We are having so much fun with our three girls! I've never been an Aussie owner before, and once we decided to go and buy Coco (red merle), we had to go back and get her sister Gigi (red tri). My grandma loved the girls so much so she had to get one of her own but unfortunately some health problems came up, so now we also have Zoey (black tri).

Gigi and Coco were both born on Halloween and Zoey was born on Valentine's day. haha we like our holiday dogs. They are all a year old and know a variety of tricks and love to go "bye bye". They love to swim which is so much fun except when they try and swim in the middle of winter.

I will never have another breed! They have all our family wrapped around their paws and Coco is very vocal and likes to tell us how her morning is going. Coco is our hyper one that's in everyone's business and she thinks she rules the house, Gigi is our lover and she has to be in our laps all the time getting pets, and Zoey is our lazy dog who loves to sleep on the bed all day long and she's a licker.

I never imagined having three but they all fit perfectly in the pack, everyone asks who is my favorite and I don't have one because they all are so different and have their own unique personalities. We have inspired most of our friends and family to also become Aussie lovers. I love my wigglebutts!

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3 girls
by: Anonymous

I became a aussie mom 4 years ago - they are the best. I agree that one aussie is not enough. You need a blue merle now! Your girls are adorable! Lucky you.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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