Will Coat Grow Back To Former Glory?

by Cheryl
(Western Australia)

Please help. I have been away in hospital for one month. My friend looked after my beautiful girl Indie (Aussie black tri). Unfortunately my friends daughter who is 23 years old cut (hacked) my girls coat. It is a terrible mess - her beautiful mane, chest and gorgeous tail have all been hacked short. Will her fur grow back to what it was in particular her mane (neck and chest). I am just devastated. I left instructions that under no circumstance was Indie's fur to be cut!

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bad hair cut
by: heidi


That really stinks that your girl got a horrible hair cut. We got ours trimmed last October and it grew back just the same. In fact we got her trimmed again last week. We have two dogs who wrestle at the neck and she gets terrible mats. It grows back quickly.

Good luck and glad that you are home from the hospital!

don't worry about it
by: Andiesdad

I've taken my 12 year old "Andy" to be groomed every summer (i think it keeps him cooler in the summer heat) for the past five years and come fall his beautiful coat is back in all of it's glory.

thank you
by: cheryl

thanks Heidi and Andys dad I appreciate your comments. I am usnure if I should try and trim her fur and make it more even? I live in a small country town and do not have a professional groomer available. Or do you think it will grow back to its original shape in due course? Once again many thanks

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