Will My 3 Month Australian Shepherd Ever Learn To Stop Jumping And Nipping On Our Clothes?

by Rey Rey

Will my 3 mth Australian Shepherd ever learn to stop jumping and nipping on our clothes?

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Jumping and Nipping
by: Nonnie

Yes - you have to train her not to jump and nip.

Jumping and Nipping
by: McKenzie

Who is "Our?" Our as in kids, my husband, other small animals?
If its kids this could be a even badder situation then it already is. A kid at a young age may become scared of dogs, so scared you may have to give it away, which is probably not likely. But if a sheep in the flock (Which can include kids to a shepherd!) don't obey, the dog may have to be rougher... If a dog jumps, just turn away and cross your arms... Not really exciting for a dog.
Small animals? Like cats? Gerbils? Well for one thing animals like cats, gerbils, etc. are smaller, and can be injured more easily then a person. Cats can fight back, but gerbils.... Put up a doggy gate with a flap small enough for cats to go through, so if the cat needs safety.., There it is! A gerbil... Just keep it in its cage till the dog is on a walk. Any other animals? Just really know gerbil and cat examples.
Sorry, and good luck.

by: Willie

Yes, it's called training!

Basic Obedience Training Would Help
by: Anton

As others have mentioned training is the key here. She will learn but she needs you to teach her. The "sit" command, for example would be very useful. When she is sitting she can't be jumping or running out he door or many other things.

I remember once my Aussie Levi got out of the yard. When I found him he was wandering along one of the most busy streets in our area. I was in my car and turned on my hazard lights because I had to stop in traffic to get him. When I got out of the car I didn't want him running around or running onto the street toward me. He was right near the curb so I called out to him to "SIT". He sat instantly and waited for me to hook on the leash and get him into the car.

Here are some links to popular dog training programs that you can access online so you can get started.
Daniel Stevens - Secrets of Dog Training
Dove Cresswell - Puppy and Dog Training

jumping and nipping
by: Anonymous

I have an Aussie that is 6 mts old now. I had the same problem as you when we first got her. On our walks around the property she was constantly jumping at me and nipping. One day she caught my hand with her little needle like teeth and I had to go and have stitches. After that I thought to myself, what can I do to stop this behavior? I started carrying a stick with me and everytime she started to jump at me I would bring the stick up and push it toward her teeth. It didn't take very long for her to stop this behavior and now she doesn't do it at all. Hope this information helps.

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