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Will My Australian Shepherd Ever Get Tired?

My Aussie isn’t even 6 months yet and he is always so active. We play with him a lot outside and take him for walks but he is never tired. As he gets older will it get easier?

We have a pretty good schedule with walks and play but I get really tired. Also, I can never leave him alone in my house. He is still young, which is why I think this is, but will I ever be able to leave him alone?

Right now we can’t because he isn’t fully potty trained and he bites everything. Will this ever stop?

Please help! I love this dog but he is so much work and I don’t know if I can take it anymore!

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Hopes for a tired pup
by: Christine

Absolutely. I am also willing to bet that your pup is already tired. Having an Australian Shepherd is always a wonderful decision, but they are one of the smartest breeds of dog. It sounds like your little one is ruling the house. He has you wrapped around his little paw. As a very experienced Aussie owner, I will testify that one of the best decisions is to crate train. This is a wonderful tool for you and your puppy. It gives you a break and teaches them to have some self-control and that sometimes you need "downtime ". A schedule is also a wonderful tool. I had an Aussie that was 12 years old. Today, I have a nine-month-old Aussie male and a three-month-old Aussie female. A schedule is wonderful to establish a balance with play, nap and meals. If you stick to a set schedule, they will make sure that you follow through. In fact, they are so routine that our oldest will bark to let us know it’s time to eat or play. LOL. I am a nurse and work shiftwork so this is helpful because I can be available more often than my husband who is working the typical daytime 40 hours a week. We do a lot of frisbee and ball playing with them and give them one long walk each evening. Our three-month-old goes in her crate and naps like a champ. Our nine-month-old also appreciates his alone time for naps and just looking out the window. And yes, he has free roam of the house while we are gone. He has been that way since six months old. It is possible with persistence and a schedule.After our evening walk, we settle down and have cuddle time in our living room. After our evening walk, we settle down and have cuddle time in our living room. Australian Shepherd’s are so easy to train; you probably already know this. Sometimes, it’s the communication that is misunderstood. You need to train your puppy to understand what you want of him. I could probably go on forever, but if you would like some specific examples feel free to respond or send a message.

Will my assistant ever get tired?
by: Anonymous

Our Aussi is one now and able to be alone in the house. As for if they ever get tired? Not very often.

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