Will Narrow White Blaze Marking Disappear on Puppy?

by Hallmar Sigurdsson

I´m looking at a black tricolour puppy with a narrow white blaze and I´m wondering if there is a chance that the blaze will disappear?

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Will white blaze disappear
by: Anonymous

I can only tell you that the blaze on my girl's face has almost disappeared. It was obvious but narrow when she was a little pup. At 18 months you have to look VERY closely to see it at all.

by: Dorothy

First off, I had to look up what a blaze was!... my blue merle has a thin blaze. I checked her 6 week old picture and compared it to her 3 yr old pic and they are the same. It is more pronounced due to her coloring on her head - it got a little darker.

Narrow White Blaze
by: Kathy

I have a 8 1/2 yr old male black tri aussie who i've had since he was 7 wks old and he still has the blaze just as when he was a puppy...

Blaze still here at 17 months
by: Jen

My Black Tri has a narrow blaze down her face that's been there since birth. It looks no different now than it did when we picked her up at 13 weeks. I hope that helps.

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