Will Nuetering Change His Tenacity?

by Norma
(Elkton, MD)

I have an amazing 9 months old male Aussie. Totally obedient, plays frisbee like there is no tomorrow. When playing, his entire body shakes, eyes on the prize... catches and drops it at my feet... ready for more. He heels when walking at any speed. Totally obedient to commands and coming when called regardless of the situation. He only barks when necessary. He is so smart and amazing; I have never had a dog like him in my life. I am afraid to have him neutered because I don't want him to loose his tenacity for playing intensely and obeying. Is this okay if I don't have him neutered? Vets think every dog needs to be. He doesn't have any bad male habits. Does not mark in house, does not hump.

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how can I say this? NO!
by: Anonymous

No,you don't have to have him nuetered if you don't have any problem with him marking,or with dominace/aggression. You can't go by the vets, they want us to do everything they say, regardless. Just like our pets don't need ALL those shots EVERY year, or heart worm meds. or flee injections (unless your dog is out and about on his own alot, not on a walk and leashed).or you live in a densely wooded area, but for most of us its really not that necessary. the first year shots is all they really need. And you should shampoo them with some kind of defense shampoo in the summer(oatmeal in the winter.)
my oldest dog is turning 15, and has never had heartworm meds, nor flee injections(like advantage, etc.). Of course they all have to have their rabies shots, by law, but my old girl is exempt because of her age. I had another dog, that died of seizures, and he was exempt because of his illness. I have two other dogs, and they get their rabies shots, because of the law, but my vet gives to them in increments.
You can google this queston if you want. If I were you, I'd go with my gut feeling.
best to you and your pup

by: Nonnie

We have a female Aussie who will be 2 in August. She loves frisbee the same way your boy does. Shakes all over!!! She has been this way since she was 6 months. We had her spayed at 5 months. Hasn't slowed her down at all!!!

Neutering your male
by: Anne

The vets tell you to neuter your dog for his health as he gets older. Certain health problems show up associated with their parts.
Your puppy is still young and is not mature yet. He may mark later on and he may want to wander when he smells a female in heat. If you are not very diligent with your dog as to his whereabouts all the time, it is like having a loaded gun ready to go off. Eventually male dogs usually get frustrated with all the hormones going on without a release, so this could also modify his behavior.
It is up to you but if you do not plan on breeding him... I would neuter him soon and I do not believe it will affect his personality at this moment. Later on as he gets older, who knows.
Hope it works out.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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