Winter Boots for Dogs

by Jean
(Upstate NY)

Morning walk

Morning walk

My husband is horrified I am even considering getting my very active 'manly' Aussie a set of winter booties!

This has been a tough winter in NY and the roads are just covered in salt. Poor Tucker has been limping because of the salt burning his paws. I wash them each time we get back with warm water and soap but need to try something else. I also noticed that he is drinking a lot of water and think it's because he is licking his fur and paws and ingesting the road salt.

Any suggestions on good boots or other products we can use?

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Dog Boots
by: ScottBenz

Check the link below. These are the best! They take some getting used to by your pooch. I've found getting them outside quickly and distracted by a frisbee or something of that ilk helps. But don't be discouraged gradually introducing them may be the only way to go. Every dog is different.

Ruffwear Dog Boots

by: Anonymous

The disposables work great... they stay on.

Winter Boots
by: Anonymous

Living in Michigan there has been a lot of discussion about keeping paws covered with boots or even baby booties/socks. The temps have been crazy cold. When my aussie is out when it below zero she sometimes raises her paws up and even sits down acting like she is lame - very scary to watch. I don't walk her because we live in the country. Dogs in general will not tolerate anything on their feet. I would go to a resale shop and get an assortment of baby socks or booties and try them first to see what works. Quickly put them on and get on with your walk!

Trim the paws
by: Anonymous

Just keep the hair on the paws trimmed up and snow and other stuff won't stick to them. I live in West Yellowstone MT and my Aussie goes cross country skiing with me an average of 8 miles a day. He loves it. Keep the hair trimmed up in the winter and the snow doesn't build up on their paws.

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