Would An Aussie Do Well In An Apartment?

by Matt

I've never owned/trained a dog before, but lately feel myself being pulled in that direction when I saw an Aussie on TV for the first time. They're just too cool.

I stay active by hiking, walking, and some light jogging. Also spend a lot of time canoeing, kayaking, and tubing on the river in the summer. During the winter it's not so easy though. How much time outdoors do these dogs need? I really would like to know the joys of having one, especially after spending some time perusing this site, but I don't want to cheat the dog out of its birthright of having an awesome place to live and play. Would a Mini or Toy be better suited to me? I also live in the city so getting daily unleashed time to free run outside probably won't happen.

I understand it will be quite an undertaking and I will definitely have to make some lifestyle adjustments, but those are needed anyway. Any advice you could give me would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Note from Anton: Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds are considered separate breeds. More information here.

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Comments for Would An Aussie Do Well In An Apartment?

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great idea
by: Anonymous

You would love an Aussie, and all those activities will be great for him/her.
If you decided to get one, get him in the early Spring, so you have the good weather to do all those things with him, and train him, byt the time the winter comes he will be older, and trained, therefore, more able to understand and relax, a little, as long as you take him on his walks a few times a day, and play with him in the house. It could just be with the puzzles, or a small toy.
You say you live in an apartment. If you're apartment isn't to big, or you have neighbors really close, perhaps a toy or Mini would be best. I have had both, and they are both great, and very similar in personalities, but space should be a consideration.
Best to you, keep us posted. oh and make sure you get him from a reputable breeder, unless you get a rescue.

Aussie in an Apartment
by: Anne

My first Aussie lived in a one bedroom apartment with my husband and I, I believe I bonded with her more and she went everywhere with me. She got obedience titles and was a therapy dog and
she was a standard size aussie.
You are an active person so your aussie will do well with your active lifestyle. Your bond will be unbreakable.
I believe an aussie would be an excellent choice for you. Do your homework and research breeders that are reputable.
Glad to know you want to join the Aussie world.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Aussie in Apartment
by: Carrie

I have a mini aussie and I live in a two bedroom apartment. I take him for a long walk in the morning, a long romp in the dog park in the afternoon, and another long walk in the evening. I live in the city too so I find that going to a dog park where he can run or fetch helps to wear him out. Yes, if I miss out on even one walk with him (which is almost never) he does get a little hyper, but it's always no problem if I follow our usual schedule.

If this will be your first dog, I suggest doing a lot of research. Aussies are really smart so they need a lot of leadership and mental stimulation. I take my boy for obedience and agility every week.

Just telling you, it can be done, you just have to be very commited! :)

Aussies in Apartments
by: Anonymous

I live in a studio apartment in Manhattan (NYC)with my Australian Shepherd. Contrary to popular belief these dogs do very well in apartments. The trick to keeping any dog happy is to show them the love and by that I mean spending time with them. My girl loves hikes and long walks and chasing a ball in the park but she also likes to chill out next to me on the sofa just as well.

Great dogs
by: Anonymous

I live in an apartment in the city and have a mini Aussie. He does great in our apartment. We spend a lot of time outside playing and going for walks/runs. Since you already have an active lifestyle it doesn't seem like an Aussie would be a problem for you. He goes almost everywhere with us and is only in his crate for 5 hours a day usually. They definitely are "velcro dogs" and he is very attached to us (he even follows us from room to room). We had to get a mini because we have a weight limit placed on the size of dog we are able to have. As long as you are active and outside and have the time to spend with them they can do just as well as an apartment as a house with a yard.

Aussie Owner
by: Anonymous

I have a one and one half year old male red tri standard Aussie, and live in a one bedroom apartment with my 10 and 11 year old children. This Aussie is great. I am so happy that we purchased this breed of dog. So smart, so obedient, and so loving. That being said, I do stress over making sure I give him enough exercise. I work Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day, with commute time, he is alone on some days nine hours. I do employ a dog walker that takes him to his favorite dog park for an hour on certain days. On Wednesdays, he goes to dog daycare. I jog 4 and 1/2 miles with him before I go to work on the days he isn't going to daycare. After the jog, we play fetch for 15 minutes. On daycare days, I let my Aussie sleep in, because he is going to use all of his energy there. In the evening, I usually only walk him half an hour, with some fetch or frisbee outside, or some indoor fetch. I've heard it said that apartment dogs often times do better then yard dogs, because the owners know that there dogs sanity depends on them taking the dog out for walks, jogs, fetch, frisbee, obedience, agility, etc. I am literally the best dog owner I can be. My friends and family have to accept that I am not available week nights. I belong to my dog at that time, and he repays me with so much joy and love, that it is well work it.

I have the same question
by: Anonymous

I'm so very glad to see other people responding to this question, if an Aussie would enjoy their life in an apartment with their human? I have also been very interested in getting a "toy size" or "mini" Aussie and have been trying to research this subject as well. I'm happy to know there are people with good experiences living in an apartment with their Aussie pet. Any other tips or suggestions to someone making the same decision? Thanks!

by: todd

I'm thinking about getting an mini aussie. I live in a big one bedroom apt... that's my concern. i would make a great aussie owner. it would get plenty of exercise and attention, ho had anywever I'm away 8 hrs during the day. my question is do aussies barking during the day while your away//has anyone ever had any problems with barking and complaints?

apt for aussie standard
by: Anonymous

I am getting aussie puppy. I am very active person and I know that Apt may not be suitable for a aussie. However, a friend of mine who is a dog trainer. He told me that i can have aussie in apt, as long I am active like enjoys outdoors activites and hiking and so on. Then Aussie will be fine. if you're not as active person then not suitable for you. simple as that.

whats your thoughts?

Great dogs
by: Anonymous

We have an Aussie in a smaller three bedroom house with a really small yard (REALLY small). However, we take him to the parks, or long walks around the neighborhood daily. Then, sometimes there are hikes we take, trips to hardware stores, doggy daycare once a week etc.

He absolutely loves to hang out with us in the living room. He only wants to stay in the yard if we are outside. Loves his daily walks and hikes but also likes puzzle games and toys that we play with him.

I think they don't care if you live in a castle or a small apartment. They do need exercise but they just want to be with YOU. That's what I love about these dogs.

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