Would You Give Up An Aussie Who Showed Aggression To A Child In The Home?

by Maggi
(Kansas City)

Help. I have a 1 year old male Mini Aussie. He has shown growling behavior as young as 9 weeks. Then he became food aggressive with our other dog. My vet has helped me a lot. It was scary. The breeder assured me it would get better when he was neutered. And she said she would help me "if she lived closer, and that she has never had an aggressive dog ever before that she has bred." At 7 months, Miles did show improvement, and for 5 months has not shown any dog-dog aggression or children. He is also in obedience classes once a week and is one of the best in the class.

Last night, a new behavior... he snarled and tried to bite me when I took a snack bag from him (that the kids left on the table). Then, this am, he snarled and looked as if he was going to bite my 5 year old. (My son had walked onto the back porch, where the Aussie was sniffing for a piece or two of dog food that was on the floor.

I don't know what more I can do. All of a sudden it has reappeared and getting worse. This is not my first dog. I have had 4 dogs in the past which I have raised from 8 weeks, trained, had in obedience. I work hard with them every day. The boys love this dog, but now I am thinking I may have to give him up to protect them. At the same time, I feel guilty having to rehome a dog... and I have been told that rescues don't take dogs with a bite history.

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