Young Aussie Bitch Bites Chunks Of Wood Of Her Dog House

I rescued a female Australian Shepherd by July 31 this year 2011.The owners who had three dogs moved out of their house with two of them and left her tied up to the fence of the house. The neighbours rescued her and kept her for a few weeks, but having already 2 big dogs looked for someone to rescue her. They estimated she must about a year and half.

I was not surprised I could not touch her for about a week. Then she became very friendly. She has a lot of space to run around the house and has a dog house to use when it rains. I moved the dog house close to our backdoor as she loves my company. I am home most of the time.

The last two weeks all of sudden she started looking like being pregnant. I tried to track her story back through the first rescuers as we are in close contact. It did not seem to make sense that she could be pregnant. I found the information that sometimes she might have "a phantom pregnancy" explaining this was happening with the grey wolves at the beginning of times.

Well last Tuesday when I came back from some errand, I found her in the dog house, the inside mat pulled outside and found a hole dug in the ground next to it , and the inside wood supports of the house badly chewed. Of course she had had four puppies and considered that she might have tried to build a "nest" for the puppies. I then fixed a nice container with towels and newspapers and things were going fine, I am checking on them many times.

THE QUESTION IS, today all of sudden I heard some noise and saw that she was biting seriously the inside of her house. Like she was trying to tear up the side or the dog house it self. She has always food and plenty of water next to her all the time. When the weather is hot I put a fan on next to it.

I have been asking myself what is happening, I thought she might try to make an opening on the side of the house? There is only one door opening. So I lifted a little more the roof level to give more light inside. I also brought her her bone she uses to play with in case she wanted to play with her teeth.

Anyone has had that kind of problem?

For the tracking of the history I think her first owners might have known she was pregnant and that is why they abandoned her.

Thanks for any advice or explanation. Thanks a million.


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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Your girl's behavior is quite common for a new mom. She is indeed nesting and trying to protect her babies. My Aussie tore apart a down comforter after she whelped pups when my husband was supposed to be watching her. The behavior should subside in a week or so, if not, you should consult a veterinarian.

If you have any other questions you can email me privately at bgrnaussie

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