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Zo-e My Favorite Girl

by Bobbie Streebe

My Girl Zoe

My Girl Zoe

Zoe was born on February 24, 2002, and passed away June 1, 2011. I got first pick from the litter, and she was going to be my blue merle Aussie, with the two bluest eyes ever. Around the age of 1 year, she started to develop bumps on her nose that looked like dirt. We took her in to get examined and found out it was discoed lupus. She was given a low dose of prednisone and was basically on that for the rest of her life. Through out her life, she had immune issues that came up that we tried to take of naturally and medically through our vet. She was full of life in the mean time. Smart, alert, and energetic. It wasn't till February of 2011 that she started to develop an upper respiratory problem that we didn't realize at the time we were in a battle for her life. Tests were done, xrays were taken, different specialists consulted, and treatments were given, but to no avail. She also developed a bad bacterial infection in her urine on top of all this. She was on pretty strong antibiotics and her prednisone was rasied to help combat the respiratory problem.

In April, more tests and xrays were done, and there apparently was no indication at the time that there might be cancer in her lungs. It wasn't until May that she wasn't getting any better with all the meds and treatments that we took her, on the advice of our vet to a cancer specialist for dogs. They took xrays, and within 5 minutes, the verdict was in - there was cancer in her lungs. Apparently the original disorder of lupus from her early stages of life, gradually went into her lymph nodes and into her lungs. The prednizone kept everything at bay for her until now.

Like the vet said, I give you 3 days with her, but my girl Zoe held out for another week. Zoe told us when it was time to let her go that morning, and we knew by the look she was giving us that it was time. She couldn't fight it any more. We had our vet on call, and she came over and a very kind and merciful way, our Zoe went to sleep.

She will always be in my heart, she was my girl that I raised from a puppy. We gave the best love and care we could provide. I will always love her. We never know how long they will be with us, but we should never take for granted the time we do have with them. Cherish the times we spend and enjoy every moment.

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Oct 17, 2011
by: Colin

Thank you for sharing your heart with this story of Zo-e. What a beautiful dog.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know Zo-e was a very lucky dog to have you as her person...just as you were very lucky to have her as your dog.

You'll be together again where there is only sunshine, meadows, and love... no pain.

<3 <3 <3 Please take care of yourselves

Oct 17, 2011
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

What a great companion you were for Zo-e. She will live in your heart forever. What a special girl.

Oct 24, 2011

God blessed you with a special little girl. These creatures are definitely blessings. You also were her blessing. I believe we are matched up with exactly the right ones. We have all been through the loss of at least one blessed dog in our lifetime. So difficult. Keep in mind that when the time is right, you will be blessed with Another Aussie. I lost my tri Aussie 3 yrs ago and then my little mutt a year later. I have a red meryl for the past 2 1/2 yrs and I love him soo much, was a rescue from the kennel. You will know when the time is right for yours. God bless you for your love for Zo-e. Your heart will find it so as you will love another. God bless you!

Feb 05, 2013
by: your baby sister

I still miss zo-e every day when i would go to the house for lunch. She was one of your best dogs and an awesome guard dog. She will be missed forever..

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