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Zoe: She Was Only 8 Months Old

by David J.
(Northridge, CA)

Sunshine time

Sunshine time

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Zoe was going in for her spay operation and ended up in tragic death. It was not known if the suture had not taken or reacted to the anesthesia (as we never opt'd for the pre-testing blood work, but will do so from now on and pay the extra cost), but we did take her to an ER pet hospital as suggested by the spay vet, as they would have been better equipped. Upon hearing of her death that same night, the vet offered to pay for her entire expenses and a private cremation service.

We do know that she didn't suffer any pain as per the doctor's in the ER place, even tho' they gave her a pain med just in the case.

Zoe was purchased from a reputable AZ breeder and we drove to Blythe, CA to meet the breeder half-way for her delivery. She's been the family pride and joy for the past 6 months and well traveled in her short time with us. She spent time on the beaches and walking around Venice, CA.

She was my best walking partner (and for my wife as well), as I was just getting over a serious medical condition and one of the doctor's orders was to exercise more. With Zoe, it was daily walks thru the neighborhood and at times, the kids would take her into the parks and canyons, with sometimes me in tow.

Zoe just started to play in the streams after being a scaredy-cat and soon, the sounds of the water flow she wanted to jump in.

She will always be in our hearts.

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Feb 03, 2010
She's so adorable
by: Steven

So sorry to hear about your loss, she was so young, but we can tell that she had the best of care and lots of loving from family members and friends.

Our hearts goes out to you and your family.

Feb 05, 2010
Good looking puppy
by: Ben

The picture of your Zoe just caught our eyes. She's a splitting image of our 5 year blue merle, Rosie, when she was a puppy.

We're sorry that you didn't get a chance to live a much longer life. Your video shows it all that she did enjoy herself. Watching it just reminds our family how precious we should all appreciate the time they are here on earth for us.

It takes time to grief and ponder what happened, as they say, time will heal. I'm sure she's watching over you from up there.

God bless.

Feb 01, 2012
Tears from Heaven
by: Ed

Your beautiful video tribute to Zoe brought tears to my eyes ..

She and her humans looked so happy, and right for each other ... I firmly believe they choose us versus we choosing them ..

Her loss must have been devastating to you but I'm sure she knew, and knows that had she been given more time on Earth, her life with you would have been a wonderful one filled with love, and adventure

I pray you all find peace during these difficult times

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