Australian Shepherd And Apartment Living

by Clara
(Madrid, Spain)

Hey guys, So Australian Shepherds are definitely my dream dog and I've been thinking of getting one. But I don't want to do it until I get some information.

I live in an apartment, though not in the city. I have huge parks no further than 5 minute walk away from my place. I have a 16 year old brother also. The thing is that I work from 9 to 8, my brother goes to school from 9 to 4, my dad works from 8 to 3 and my mom gets home by 6. I guess what I'm saying is that he would be alone for some time, though I would walk him in the mornings and my dad or brother in the afternoons, and I would do it too after work. I just don't want to get one if it's going to be unhappy, or bark and bother our neighbors or destroy our furniture. What do you think?


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Home Alone
by: Tom

I would not get any dog if it is going to be left home alone for many hours. I have two Aussies and we leave them no longer than 3 - 4 hours alone or have a neighbor come and take them out while we are gone........ ours go Camping with us in the summer and are constant companions.

Apartment living
by: Tom

Dogs cannot hold it for extreme long periods of time. Have a friend or family member that isn't working come by at a certain time in the day and let your pet out to do his business. Also keeping your pet in a crate all day is no life for a pet. These dogs need to run jump and play, keeping them penned up is not good. Bluntly maybe you should think about getting a cat, they're self sufficient to a point.

I don't think most aussies will take to this arrangement
by: Molly and Dave

Maybe with other breeds but our Aussie wouldn't be happy to be left alone with nothing to do all day. IMHO These dogs need stimulus, not constantly but can't have so much downtime. Some bad traits could start to happen. Of course some might be able to handle it, but which one? If it doesn't work out then what? Fortunately for our rescue Aussie it turned out great for him (and us) because we are retired and live way out in the country, go hiking every day regardless of the weather which gets bad here in our part of Alaska. He is a gem but not for an apartment situation. Probably why we got him in the first place.

It depends
by: Anonymous

I'm going to link to my answer from a similar question recently.

But I did live in an apartment when I first got my Aussie and she was fine with it. I also worked from home too. I took 20 minutes walks with her 3-4 times a day, sometimes 5.

But everyone always said my aussie was rather mellow, so if you have a more rambunctious aussie, it might not be a good idea.

Apartment Living
by: Emma

I have a mini aussie and live in an apartment and he is thriving! You do have to make accommodations though so they are stimulated and work all their energy out! I take mine on long walks every day and we go to the dog park or a large field to play fetch every day that the weather permits us. If I am going to be gone for more than six hours at a time (which at times happens but I try to avoid it if possible), I have a neighbor or friend come by to let him out to play or take him to doggy daycare for the day. It can be done but you do have to put in the extra effort.

I have a Aussie and live in a apartment
by: Anonymous

I have a Aussie and live in a apartment and my GF has Aussie and lives in her own apartment yoo and both of our dogs are good. We regularly exercise them mornings and evenings and leave them toys when we are at work. I work 8-10 hour days and come home for lunch in between to let him out. My GF schedule is similar too. You just have to be on top of your game giving your dog the attention it needs. I feel most people that live in apartments are more active then people that live in houses anyways.

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