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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Banjo the Australian Shepherd Saves Owner's Life

By Emma Blauw

Idecided to take a walk with Banjo and my other dog, Rowdy, on one afternoon after work. When I take my dogs on walks, I like to let them roam off-leash if there is no one around and they normally stay pretty close. Today was not one of those days!

Emma Blauw

Emma Blauw was saved by her quick-thinking Australian Shepherd, Banjo.

My other dog, Rowdy, happened to see a deer across the river and ran/swam across the river to go chase it. Banjo (my black tri) was staying by me at all times and didn't chase after the deer like Rowdy.

There was a fallen down tree log that acted almost like a bridge from my side to the other side where Rowdy was. I decided to attempt to cross the log so I could reach Rowdy. My footing was off and I ended up hitting my head on the log as I fell off into the river (but the water level was much higher than in the picture below).

Australian Shepherd Saves Owner's Life - Photo: Fallen log over river with trees in background.

Emma Blauw

On the day of the incident the water level was much higher than it is here. Imagine being at a park, with no help nearby and being knocked unconscious as you slowly slip under the water. Luckily...

A couple of minutes later, I woke up to feel Banjo tugging on my coat collar to get me to the side of the river and back on land. I praised him so much! By that time, my other dog was waiting for me at the correct side of the river after seeing what happened.

I called my fiancé to help drive me to the doctor to get my head injury checked out. All turned out well for me and for Banjo as well!

Brain Training for Dogs

My doctor said if it weren't for Banjo being there and dragging me to safety, it could have been a lot worse! For starters, he said, I could easily have drowned. He also mentioned that I could have gotten a worse head injury, gotten hypothermia from the cold river water, or any number of other things!

Needless to say, I'm going to be taking Banjo everywhere with me just in case something ever were to happen again!

Australian Shepherd Saves Owner's Life - Photo: Black tri Australian Shepherd, Banjo, sitting on snow.

Emma Blauw

Banjo the Hero!

Banjo, the Australian Shepherd, saves owner Emma Blauw from drowning after she slipped on a log and was knocked unconscious while traversing a river. Good boy Banjo. Good boy! icon

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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