Can A Red-Tri Breed With Another Red-Tri?

by Arica
(South Lake Tahoe)

Some friends of mine have a red tri female that they are trying to breed but having a hard time finding a mini male to breed her with. I have a red tri that is part mini. They are not related. The friends have had their Aussie line around for 15 years and really want to keep it going so we offered to try to stud out our pup. However they are not sure about breeding a red tri and a red tri. Are there any health concerns or genetic issues if we let them try to mate?

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by: Anonymous

Absolutely do not bread merle to merle!!!!
You can google it!
The pups will be blind, deaf, they are going to have a vision and hearing problems and etc. Thats why there are so many aussies like that because people think that they can accomplish to get a better colors and etc.
Please do some research!

Note from Anton: See also Australian Shepherd Colors and Markings and Homozygous "Lethal White" Merles

red tris
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Merle to merle can cause problems, but solid to solid is safe if the parents have been checked for genetic diseases. Check the ASHGI website. It is full of info.

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