Causes Of Limping In Front Leg

by Tim
(Ft. Wayne, IN)

I am trying to figure out what could be wrong with my Aussie's front right leg. She is 6 y/o and has been in excellent health so I am probably blowing this out of proportion. I took her out to play ball and run around for a while. She showed no sign of injury while fetching and wasn't until later that night that she started to limp. This morning she would not put any pressure on it but when I went to check it out she didn't flinch with pain. There is no sign of swelling and nothing abnormal when I compared it to her left leg. I asked an online vet and he said to give her 1 aspirin every 12 hours. After about an hour of that being in her system, she started putting some weight on it. I wanted to see if anyone on here has experienced something similar or maybe has a better idea of what it could be.

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been ther
by: Anonymous

yes, our older girl has done that several times through the years. sometimes it just last a day, and then she's fine. my husband thinks, like people, sometimes they could pull a muscle or something like that. if it last more than a few days, or gets worst, then if you want, take her to the vet, but otherwise, just wait and watch. I know its odd, but it happens.

limping pup
by: Donna

my pup is 9 months old has a limp doesn't seem to bother her but doesn't ever really go away. it's the front leg. hoping she'll out grow out of it. my vet said it probably was hereditary. when she is two she might need an operation. not a great way for a pup to live. hope it goes away..

Watch it
by: Julie

Exact same thing happens to my Aussie and he’ll be 7 in August. We completely stopped Frisbee because he injured himself jumping for it, plus jumping is hard on their joints. So it’s just been Chuckit! ball throws and walks. Today after a walk (did involve small hill and chasing a squirrel into the bushes) he came home with a hurt right front limp. I’m going to keep him off the stairs and watch it.

Aussie limping
by: Kathryn

My five-year-old Aussie has been doing that off and on since he was eight months old. One time we took him to the vet because he wouldn't walk on it. As soon as we got him there, he acted fine. As soon as we got home, he was limping again. SMH. But he's been limping again. I've got him on Rimadyl which seems to help. Aspirin didn't help the inflammation or whatever it is. The vet now just gives me a prescription for Rimadyl so whenever it flares up, I have it on hand.

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