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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

No More Muddy Paws With A Dog Paw Cleaner

By Anton Hout, author of The Guide to Aussie Training & Care

A dog paw cleaner just may be the answer to your problems if you've got an active dog who loves to be outside. Even regular trips to the backyard or walks around the block in bad weather can lead to muddy, dirty paws and getting them clean before your dog comes back in the house can be a real hassle. Now there are a variety of products on the market to make cleaning your dog's paws quick and easy.

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Dogs are naturally curious and just love to run around outside and that can lead to paws getting caked with mud and dirt, not to mention all the salt, chemicals, and who-knows-what (you don't want to know) that is found on public sidewalks. This is true for all breeds, from small to large, but can be a particular issue for Australian Shepherds, who spend a lot of time outside working, competing in agility trials, or just burning off excess energy. If you're like most Aussie owners you probably spend far more time than you'd like cleaning dirty paws.

Until recently the only method for cleaning your pup was the old-fashioned bowl of water and towel routine. This works, of course, but it can be messy, time consuming, and frustrating if your dog won't sit still for it. By the time you're done you may be dirtier than your dog and you're both probably soaking wet! Not ideal any way you look at it, but now there's a way around this problem with a dog paw cleaner that takes the hassle out of cleaning for both you and your pet.

Dog tracks in mud.

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No one wants every nasty thing their dog steps in outside tracked into their homes!

The theory behind these ingenious devices is really quite simple: they combine a plastic cylinder of water with a soft inner lining of silicone bristles. Simply dip your dog's paw into the center of the bristles, give the whole cylinder a twist and pull the paw back out again and it's completely clean. The soft silicone bristles work to remove caked on mud and gently brush it away and the cylinder catches all the debris so that you and your dog stay clean and dry.

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Where To Get A Dog Paw Cleaner

You can find a dog paw cleaner the right size for your Aussie or for any size breed, from tiny toys to gentle giants and everything in between. There are many brands available at major retailers such as Amazon.

One of the more popular is the Dexas Petware Mudbuster, which retails for just over $10 and comes in small, medium, and large to accommodate any size dog. It's lightweight and easy to use so you can take it with you when you travel or just leave it at your back door to use before your dog comes in the house.

If you prefer a more advanced method and don't mind spending a little more, there are even automatic dog paw washers available. These can be charged using any USB port and will work for up to 4 hours off of a standard charge. Like the manual version, you simply insert the dog's paw between the silicone bristles. Then simply hit the switch on the front of the washer and the bristles will rotate automatically, brushing away all of the mud and dirt and leaving your dog's paws clean as a whistle.

Staying one step ahead of your active dog may be nearly impossible, but with a dog paw washer you won't have to worry about what he's tracking into the house anymore. A quick dip and twist is all you need to clean his paws, without drenching yourself in the process. That way you'll both be much happier and your house will stay clean, which makes it well worth the investment.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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