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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Dog Training Myth: Training Your Dog Takes Lots Of Time

By Anton Hout, author of The Guide to Aussie Training & Care

Time is a precious commodity and these days we expect so many things to happen instantly. Remember having to actually drive to a video rental store, walk the isles in a desperate hunt to grab the movie you wanted before the last copy was snatched up by someone else? Then the chore of having to return the movie (you remembered to rewind it right?); not to mention the dreaded late fees!

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That was old school. Now we can just go to Netflix and we're all set for an evening of binge watching. The same is true for dog training. The time and effort to results ratio doesn't justify the expense.

Australian Shepherds are smart and they love to please. Training them should be fairly straightforward. But with old school dog training how much of your time is spent on things that aren't related to the actual lessons; like the drive to and from the location or distractions that may be caused by other owners and their dogs? And once the class is over and you've forgotten something or need clarification—is the dog trainer available 24/7 to answer questions or go over the lessons again?

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

All of these things serve to slow down progress and make training your dog take much longer than it needs to. Nowadays there are comprehensive dog training programs that are available online 24/7. Some might say that a benefit of a local dog training class is that your dog also gets to socialize. While socializing is important your dog can do that at the park or when visiting family and friends or other events instead of at a training class where it is just another distraction.

Let's Put This Dog Training Myth To Rest

Like the way Netflix transformed the video rental experience, online video-based dog training programs like the one created by "Doggy Dan," a professional dog trainer from New Zealand, are bringing dog training the same benefits of convenience, accessibility, and efficiency to the dog training world.

Having 24/7 online access to lessons not only works on your schedule and allows you to watch lessons when you want and to review the material as often as you like, but also allows you to focus and accelerate the training process while moving at your own pace—instead of everything being dictated to you the way it is with the old school approach.

Here's the link for more information about the online video-based dog training program mentioned above, which in addition to the core principles of dog training and obedience lessons also includes videos which address many specific behavior problems like aggression, biting, digging, leash pulling, etc.

Compared to the old, slow, expensive (Blockbuster) approach, Doggy Dan's program comes out ahead on all counts; convenience, quality, and most certainly—value! icon

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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