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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Using The KLIMB System In Dog Training

By Anton Hout, author of The Guide to Aussie Training & Care

The KLIMB Dog Training Platform and Agility System is one of the handiest training tools ever created. As the world's first professionally designed and engineered dog training platform it takes training to a whole new level by working with your dog's own natural instinct for gaining a better vantage point. It's a simple idea that can have far reaching effects, whether you're interested in obedience training, agility, or even disc competition.

Black KLIMB Dog Training Platform.

Photo used with permission of Blue-9 Pet Products

Stacked KLIMB Platforms.

Photo used with permission of Blue-9 Pet Products

You can combine several KLIMB's in unlimited configurations.

Small, elevated platforms are often used in various kinds of training, in order to provide a space for your dog to practice "stay" and "wait" commands. Unfortunately, most traditional platforms are clunky and difficult to use and may not allow your dog a sense of security. With its sturdy plastic construction and rubberized surface for sure footing, the KLIMB makes it much easier to incorporate a "safe space" within your dog's training regimen.

Aside from giving dogs a designated place to stop and stay, these platforms also provide elevation, an important element that caters to every dog's natural tendency to seek a better vantage point. This can be particularly important for working breeds like the Australian Shepherd, who will instinctively seek higher ground in order to give them a better view of the herd so that they can maintain control. And since the KLIMB system allows you to link several platforms together in a variety of configurations, you can give your dog as much height as he needs.

Australian Shepherd puppy standing on a KLIMB platform.

Photo used with permission of Blue-9 Pet Products

The platforms are deliberately designed to be just large enough to comfortably accommodate your dog, but with the ability to combine them, you also have the flexibility to create a larger platform area for bigger breeds. As your dog becomes more comfortable using the platform, it will start to feel like his special "perch", where he can relax and feel at home, just like you do with your favorite chair. You can even use it as a safe zone when visitors come to your house, to make introductions easier and minimize jumping.

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Utilizing The Klimb System With Agility Training

Blue KLIMB Dog Training Platform.

Blue-9 Pet Products

You can easily incorporate the KLIMB into agility training, disc training, or for fitness activities. Practicing stop and stay commands, rebounds, catches and many other commands becomes so much easier when you have a reliable piece of equipment you can count on. You and your best friend will both appreciate the practicality and comfort of this unique design and its special features will make it your go-to piece of training equipment for all sorts of purposes.

The plastic construction makes it weather-proof so that you can use it indoors or outdoors in all kinds of weather and the surface is rubberized for sure footing so that your dog will never feel uncomfortable. It's fully washable and even UV protected to shield it from the elements. The sturdy legs screw in place for easy assembly and when detached, they fit snugly into a recessed area underneath the surface of the platform for easy transport. And of course, the proprietary QuiKonnect system allows you to combine several KLIMB's in unlimited configurations.

Training can be so much more fun when you use the KLIMB as part of your training system. Your dog will enjoy having a safe, comfortable spot to sit on and you can rest comfortably knowing you're using the best equipment on the market today. So if you're looking to improve your pup's training, consider getting a KLIMB platform today. It's the platform professional trainers recommend for the best results.

Australian Shepherd laying on KLIMB platform.

Photo used with permission of Blue-9 Pet Products

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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