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My Blue Merle Seems To Have Changed To A Red Merle?

by Cat Abrams
(Webster, FL)

I have a male Australian Shepherd who was a blue merle baby. He is now two years old and looks more like a red merle now. I read that if their nose is black that they are indeed a blue merle and not red. I've also read that many times their coats will change color as they mature. There are dogs called "Harlequins" and I was wondering if he is that. Here is a baby picture and how he looks now.

Any help would be appreciated. I don't really care if he is blue or red, but I would like to educate myself so that when I'm asked I know what the true answer is. I was told by someone that he has a very dark brown nose, but I'm sorry, to me it is definitely black. Thanks for your help.

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Comments for My Blue Merle Seems To Have Changed To A Red Merle?

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Blue Merle w/ White and Tan
by: Anton

Looks like your Australian Shepherd is a blue merle with white and tan. The "red" you see is actually tan. You can find more info about Australian Shepherd Colors and Markings here.

by: Anonymous

yes, he is a blue merle with copper points. The "tan" has red in it, so it is referred to as "copper." Most blue merles have copper points to varying degrees, some a little, some have much more, as yours does. A red Merle would be light red with darker patches of red in the light red.

Your dog is beautiful.

type of aussie
by: Janet

I think you have a true blue merle there... the red is really red and tan... and the black nose... they are most all born with pink noses... and as they age they turn black. I have an 11 year old blue merle and her nose is black but her nostrils are still pink...

Looks like a blue to me
by: Rose Anne

I think what you are seeing is that as he grew his copper came in a littler heavier than when he was a pup.

I say Blue Merle
by: Dave

But he is all beautiful fellow whatever he is. Think this is one of the things I love most about this breed, so many different color schemes!

That's a blue
by: Kristina

With some copper. But that is a blue all day

Blue for sure
by: Anonymous

Definitely blue Merle. Red Merle has no black or gray, Google red Merle and you'll see the difference. Both very beautiful.

My Colorful Boy
by: Cat

Thank you everyone for all your helpful comments. This has helped me to understand more about Aussie coloring and to know that my breeder was correct in telling me that he is a blue merle. I would love him whatever color he is. I just wanted to be correct when people ask me what color he is and not feel like I don't know what color my dog is. Thanks!!

by: Anonymous

He is for sure a beautiful blue merle

Blue Merle
by: Anonymous

He looks just like our Blue Merle girl and she is a show-stopper.

Blue Merle to a red?
by: Kymimi4

She is still a blue merle with beautiful copper highlights. She looks very much like my Graysie Mae.

My Blue Merle Seems to Have Changed to Red
by: Cat & Juneau

This site is so awesome. Thanks to all you nice and knowledgeable Aussie owners. You have been so helpful.

Blue Merle Tri
by: Anonymous

He's a "Blue Merle Tri" as in Tri colored. A straight Blue Merle will not have the Copper Points.

With both of my BMT Aussies their Copper Points came in bolder as they aged. Very normal, nothing to worry about.

Blue merles
by: Anonymous

He is beautiful! And obviously loved

I have a tri color who is supposed to be my service dog some day but she is so lonely for canine company. My breeder tells me I can't raise another Aussie with a service trainee.

Anyone have any knowledge of this?

Lovely baby
by: Anonymous

You have a blue merle with copper points. I have a blue merle with copper points and a black-tri with copper points. Together, they're quite a sight. I get a lot of compliments about my girls.

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