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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Private Dog Training For Agility May Do The Trick For You

By Anton Hout, author of The Guide to Aussie Training & Care

Private dog training can be a useful tool for owners who feel that their dog just isn't getting the attention he needs in agility training classes. While group training sessions can be very useful and will work just fine for most dogs, some dogs may need a little extra help in order to get the hang of anything from standard obedience commands to more specialized agility dog training. Private training can help to target the areas where your dog is struggling.

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This can be quite important if you are interested in getting your dog involved in agility, as agility training involves a particularly intensive approach and excellent communication between owner and dog. For some dogs, it may be difficult to focus on the necessary commands or skills in a larger group setting. Taking someone on one time may help both your dog and you to make the necessary connection for successful agility work.

Of course, private dog training is about more than just agility. It can also be used to work on obedience commands or even to target particular behavior issues that your dog may be experiencing. Things like jumpiness or pulling on the leash can be corrected with direct guidance from a trained professional who can show you and your family members how best to get through to your dog.

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Another great benefit of this kind of individual attention is the ability to help your dog to form positive associations with things like handling, the use of crates or getting used to noises from machinery that you may use on a regular basis. All of these can sometimes cause dogs to react skittishly, which can be a real problem for you. By working with your dog in private sessions, you can help him to get used to whatever the offending item is and lose his reluctance.

There are many different organizations that offer private dog training or referrals, including local branches of the ASPCA, dog obedience schools and even some of the larger pet stores like Petco. If you're already taking standard group training classes you can start by checking with your instructor to see if private sessions are offered. Even if they aren't offered directly, your instructor may be able to recommend a place where they are.

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Private Dog Training May Be Costly But Worth It

These sessions can sometimes be costly, but if your dog is having specific obedience issues or if you feel he needs extra work to perfect his agility skills, then you'll find that it's well worth the cost. This is especially true when you consider that fear/intimidation issues can be dangerous for both your dog and you. The sooner you can break him of this behavior, the better off you'll both be.

Of course, if you are serious about dog agility competition, you'll need to make sure that your dog can handle everything it involves. In that case, private dog training may end up being a long-term investment that it is well worth it. You'll be able to see the results in your dog's competition wins and advancement up the ladder of agility classifications.

There is nothing like building up the bond of trust and communication between dog and owner and fortunately there are now several options available to help you do just that, from large structured classes to one-on-one private dog training. So why not check out what's available in your area and investigate the private route—it just may do the trick for you and your best friend! icon

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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