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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Using A Reflective Dog Harness for Safety's Sake

By Anton Hout, author of The Guide to Aussie Training & Care

A reflective dog harness can be the perfect solution for making evening and nighttime walks safer for you and your dog. Not only are these harnesses comfortable and easy to fit, but also the reflective surface will allow your dog to be seen by other walkers and cars so that there is far less danger of getting hit. And with a variety of styles available your pooch can look good while he's staying safe!

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Like any other harness, these are devices that are made to fit around a dog's chest and belly rather that fitting around his throat like a more traditional collar and leash combo. It may seem like a minor thing, but that one change in fit can make a huge difference, particularly with high-energy breeds like the Australian Shepherd that can be difficult to control on leash.

With these harnesses fitting across the chest instead of the throat, there is no danger of choking and attaching the lead closer to your dog's center of balance actually makes him easier to control. You'll find that you can pull him to you with minimal effort and get his attention easier, which can be essential when there are so many built in distractions during your walk. And of course a reflective dog harness has the added bonus of providing safety at night.

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How visible is your Aussie at night?

A variety of reflective materials can be incorporated into these harnesses, providing the ability for your dog to be seen when light hits the surface of the harness. Made from durable nylon with reflective accents, these harnesses can not only stand up to the demands of a high energy dog but also to bad weather. And most reflective materials can be seen from a distance, which can help to prevent accidents.

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Though you'll find that even the most lightweight dog harness will usually stay in place, should your dog somehow become detached from his leash, the reflective surface will also allow you to locate him easily in the dark. This is one piece of safety equipment that every dog owner should really invest in as it can provide extraordinary peace of mind.

Choosing A Reflective Dog Harness

Of course the important part of choosing a harness is finding the right fit. Harnesses are made for every size dog, from the smallest breeds up to Great Danes. You'll need to measure your dog around the chest and belly to get the best fit and any harness should fit loosely enough to allow you to slip two fingers underneath it comfortably. This way you can avoid too much constriction and allow for comfortable movement.

For high-energy breeds like the Australian Shepherd, having a reflective dog harness that fits properly and allows for leash attachment at the chest is particularly important. This will allow you to maintain control and rein in some of that excess energy without risking injury either to yourself or your dog. The end result will be smoother, easier walks that you and your furry friend can both enjoy.

If you're looking for the perfect way to safely walk your dog at night, a reflective harness is the way to go. There are many styles available at a variety of prices, so you can find one to fit your dog without having to spend a fortune. The important thing to remember is that safety comes first and when it comes to walking at night, that means ensuring that your dog can be seen at all times.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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