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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Saucy Aussie Living:
Top 10 Tricks for Getting a Second Leash on Life

By Tracey C. Jones & Ruby Red

Sooner or later, everyone needs a second chance! This was most definitely true for both Tracey and Ruby who found in each other the very thing they both needed...a second leash on life.

Ruby Red is a 13 year old Australian Shepherd who had a remarkably tough start to life. By the time she landed in Tracey's pack, she had become a beautiful girl with a bad attitude and no shortage of issues. But all that changed when she learned the tricks that allowed her inner beauty to shine and her inner voice to bark.

Ruby Red and Tracey C. Jones

Ruby Red and Tracey C. Jones

Life is what we make of it and both Ruby and Tracey learned this together in ways that will resonate with just about anyone. Learning to become better instead of bitter, open your heart to those around you, and let the light shine into the most broken places with you are just a few of the lessons you'll take away from Saucy Aussie Living.

So, get your copy today. Remember, your life can change with the turn of a page!

Bring Ruby Red, the saucy Aussie paw-thor, home with you and support Australian Shepherd Lovers at the same time! Order now using the code RubyASL and Tremendous Leadership will make a donation to Australian Shepherd Lovers for each and every book purchased.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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