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Dog Agility Tire Jump

Your Aussie is Gonna Love Jumping Through Hoops For You With the Dog Agility Tire Jump


The tire jump is an optional obstacle in ASCA agility competitions. If you are interested in training your Aussie with these jumps extra care must be taken to ensure safety.

It is preferable to have a tire that is easily displaced in case it is hit by your dog during the jump. The tire is usually made of plastic drainpipe material and can be filled with foam. The important thing is to make sure it is lightweight enough that it would not injure your dog. Competition equipment requires the tire to displace in case of impact.

  Tire Jump - Australian Shepherd Goomba
  Vanessa Fermino - FotoPets
Australian Shepherd "Goomba"

Ideally the tire would be constructed in separate pieces so if it were struck the top or bottom of the tire would simply break away.

So although it is called a "tire" jump you wouldn't actually want to use a real tire. It would be too heavy.

Approaches to the tire jump should be straight and clear of hazards.

The inner diameter of the tire should be 18 to 24 inches. Jump heights measured from the ground to the lowest part of the inside of the bottom of the tire are 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 inches.

A couple of other safety issues to keep in mind are related to the frame that holds the tire in place. It should not be so close to the tire as to not allow any give and not so far that there is enough room for your dog to fit between the tire and the frame. ASCA agility rules specify this space should be at least 8 inches.

ASCA agility guidelines also require that there be no frame above the tire itself.

The tire jump is a popular jump for those interested in setting up there own agility equipment in their backyard or at a nearby park or club.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced tire jump they are available at Affordable Agility. They have both practice and competition versions. These jumps would be great for home use and the competion versions meet AKC and USDAA requirements. (However, the competition model has a frame over the tire itself which is not permitted in ASCA rules.) > More info

Agility Tire Jump Training Tips

While training for the tire jump is similar to other jumps there are some differences.

Jumping through a fairly small opening can be intimidating for some dogs. So start slow and start low. In fact move the tire right to the ground when you are just beginning. Let your dog get used to the idea of going through first.

Gently guide them through the opening and when they do praise them enthusiastically, give them a treat or use your clicker. The important thing is to let your dog know what you expect from them.

Once they are comfortable and confident with going through the tire at ground level raise it up a bit, not much, just a bit. You don't want to raise it too fast or your dog will likely just start running under the tire instead of through it. If this happens you will have to lower it again maybe even back to the ground and start over.

Slowly but surely you will reach your target height. They will eventually sail through the air and will learn exactly how to clear the tire. Once your dog has reached this level don't lower the jumping height back down again.

This is because your dog has developed a sense of what she needs to do to get through the tire and now has "muscle memory" tuned to the task. If you drop the height your dog may not realize what you've done until it's too late and could be injured.

Be consistent with your use of command words. Words like tire, hoop or through make the most sense. Whichever word you choose, stick with it but don't introduce the command word until they are comfortable with the tire jump. This goes for other agility obstacles as well.

This is because you don't want your dog to associate the command word with something that they are afraid of or leery about doing. Wait until they are enjoying the obstacle and create a happy association instead.

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