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Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Catherine Forsea

This photo was taken of Puzzle, our handsome 4 year old blue merle Australian Shepherd in front of our home enjoying our beautiful fall season here in Greendale, Wisconsin. Puzzle is taking some much needed rest after doing his very busy job as a Therapy Dog working in our local hospital as well as surrounding Nursing Homes, Hospice Units and Retirement/Senior Living Centers. We love him dearly as well as all the people whose lives he touches when he does this incredible work.

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Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Linda Hagen

This is Loki (Avatara's Sanctuary In Black) from Germany and he is a black bi-male born on October, 25th 2010. He's our first dog and our ONE AND ONLY. We were geocaching in a wood and Loki posed on a stone full of moss.

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Patricia Costa

Loki from Lisbon, Portugal is very active and playful. He loves the snow, the beach, and stealing small items around the house. He is a very special dog, and requires close attention, too much exercise (he NEVER gets tired), plenty of company... well... for example, I'm trying to write this e-mail and he's here beside me with his ball and barking to go play with him. :)

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Michael Twesten

This is Houston (JG Skymoor’s Candid Picture) at 14 weeks playing with a leaf. He is a red-tri Australian Shepherd from Germany. Thanks to Michael Twesten for sharing this photo.

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Submitted by: Pamela Breit    Photo: Tom Stoehr

Patches, (left) and Bandit at Fort Funston California. Patches is a 1 year old Aussie who loves to run at Fort Funston whenever we can get her there with her Aussie brother Bandit (2 ½). Sunday 4/3/2011 was one of those days. Even though Patches is younger, she can outrun her big brother Bandit. Sometimes, if Patches runs too far away, out of site, we tell Bandit to "go get Patches", and he always runs off and brings her back… what a good big brother he is!!! (Thanks to Pamela Breit and Tom Stoehr for sharing this photo.)

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Heike & Tommy Johnson

This is Abigail, our 10 week old puppy. She loves the green grass and her pink new toy, that she already fetches. (Thanks to Heike & Tommy Johnson of King City, California for sharing this photo.)

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