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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Previous Australian Shepherd Photo of the Month Winners

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Kathleen Melnyk

Coco in the flax was taken on my partner's farm in the R.M. of Kingsley, just about the time the flax was in the flowering stage (Saskatchewan, Canada). She is five years old. She came out for a walk with me through the grain in front of the farmhouse and kindly agreed to let me take a photo of her. She was still only for a few moments, then she was bounding ahead, sniffing and enjoying the beautiful late summer day.

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Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Sheleena Ryder

Auzzie is a 4 month old male hearing impaired Australian Shepherd who lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA). He has learned sign language for sit, lay, come, leave it, walk, and no. Snow is rare where he lives and he absolutely loves to play in the cold weather. This snowday was the best!

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Kelly Coventry

I took this picture of Phoenix while taking one of our Schwatka Lake walks. Phoenix's full name is Northern Blue Phoenix and he lives with me in the Yukon. He is just past 1 year and is my third Aussie, but my first purebred. He is named Phoenix as he rises from the ashes of my other two boys. He is rally obedience trained and got his first qualifying score at the age of six months with only two months training. He has also done some agility and I hope to get him into flyball and tribball later this year. He is a great companion, dedicated and loyal. He is also my protector from squirrels, chipmunks and bears. He has a huge heart and is so goofy that he keeps me laughing all the time. He works hard at pleasing me and making sure he got all the treats that were in my pocket. He is the sweetest boy you will ever meet and I'm so happy I found him.

Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Jenna and Guillaume

Jenna and I just got Salies, a 9 month old blue merle Australian Shepherd with two different colored eyes. She is a very shy pup that we are working on socializing (her previous owners never walked her!). We plan on doing a year-long road trip with her in our Tiny House so she will get to see what North America has to offer.

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Tiffany Hughes

Terra is a two year old female split-face tri blue merle Aussie. She is a beautiful model because of her looks and her lovely amber eyes, and she is the sweetest girl. While she enjoys being pampered, she's just as happy to get down and dirty and her favorite thing to do is to roll in the mud (which she did after we took this photo)!

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Dannie Rios

This is Abbey and she is almost 3 years old, she has always loved the ocean and swimming. On this particular day while we were playing fetch with the tennis ball the other dog also wanted the ball. But the expression on her face tells us that no way the big bad wolf dog is not going to catch me!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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