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Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Jessie Cody

As a three month old, Tula loved playing in the Texas bluebonnet fields! Can't beat the smile and happiness that she portrays in this picture. Sometimes it is hard to get her to sit still for a photo shoot, but for this one, the more action and energy, the better! Not only does this pictures represent the Aussie breed, it also shares the Texas state flower at it's finest.

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Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Todd Wynia

This is our two year old Australian Shepherd, Jasper. We recently took him on a vacation from Phoenix to San Diego. To say he enjoyed the ocean and overall weather is an understatement. I think he's applied for several jobs in the San Diego area. Love our boy!

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Mark Brownton

Both Cooper (closer Aussie) and Bailey are pure breed male Australian Shepherds and we all belong to the ASCA and they are registered (breeder is Julie Humeston at "Heartfire Farms." Cooper is 3 and Bailey is 4 years old. They both herd sheep and cattle and are very good, as you can see, with agility. Both are titled in obedience, confirmation, agility and sheep, cattle and geese herding. We also love to compete in Frisbee competition. We live in the Mountains above San Bernardino and we have lots of rattle snakes and they learned early on to stay away. They have one coyote friend that always seem to want to play but they know this could be a trick so we stay away from her as well. They are both certified with Therapy Dogs International for the third year. We have worked mostly at the VA Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA.

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Todd Wynia

Jasper is an uber athlete. Two years old and full of energy. Ball and flying disc are definitely favorites. He's rarely seen with all four paws on the ground. He's the center of our lives.

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Don Whinnery

Nikki is a 5 year old Aussie we adopted from a rescue agency several years ago. Despite the fact that she had been badly abused she has turned out to be a great dog. Nikki loves to run and go out for long walks. The picture is of Nikki chasing a lure at an event to raise funds for a new animal shelter in our community.

Australian Shepherd Dog Photo of the Month

Lisa Eldrett

This is my 8 year old male Aussie, Frazer. He is on Exmouth Beach, Devon, England. Frazer is so placid, calm and loving. He is a true velcro dog, following me absolutely everywhere. He also can act the clown, playing with his toys by lying on his back with legs in the air, talking to himself.

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